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tv   Countdown With Keith Olbermann  MSNBC  July 2, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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ich of theses stories will u be talking about tomorrow? th kingng of pop, juust two day beforehis sudden ath, veo released of michael jacks practicing for your upcocomi totour the looming battle fofor michael jacksks's's ds. exactly one week afterer t loss ofof t the father today debbie rowe s say shehe iththebiologic mother and she wantsustody off r childrenen. wa there a war inside t mcininalin mpaign? > y betcha.
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> rumors, t tod actual e-mai proof fromnside thecampaign. llllin palin out o on r own husband's politicic background. daday two,, president amama justice department p proctct -- wait for -- dickck chenen?? why theyey try tokeep cheney's fbi interview andia leak casese a seseetet fifit cynthia davis tan on keith, nowow s sphen cocolbtt joins the cause. >> without hungerer,ow will children ever leararn pusus a ler with their snouts to g get a fo pellet? >> nown "countdown". >> take herfofoodwaway. > go evening froro new rk. i'm david shususteinin f f keie olbermann. thther is news about michaeae
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jacks jackson's state of his body. number five ststyy in the countdown, nutvideo, chael jackson in rehearsal, less than 48 hourss bororhis deathinin the me a ara thatill hostt his funeral next tuesdsd. the new video, whichh we will play in its entirety, was releleas b b aeg, promoter of hs hehedud london tour date as a rereononseeettal to repororts thatjajackn was n up to perforormi a andanted to get out ofhihis concert performance. thth reheheaalal seen here took acace ne 23rd at the aples centnternn los angelele the jackson famimilyododay scheduled a publicemorial seserve for him att the staples center nexext tuesday morning. nenewseeeetodayququotg a prominent friend o of e e faly saying jajackn'n'sody in "neweweeeek' words,ot in a state for public viewing. dd tt katherine wanted to bubu him quickly, because of hee fes thatleleing him unburieded
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for more thann a ekek wld cause his soul t to wandeder. d dece a ekek o today. and whhatole drugs s yy he ayed in jackson's death. aeg saysys t the follllining vi jackson pepeorormi "they don't care aououtus" servess as teimimonto his hlth and h commitmement to the tour.r. ♪ ♪ they don't really caca a abo us ♪ ♪ >> asasthe greatestemonstration ofrereom in thee historyof our
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nation. ♪ ♪ s som things lii they just wowon' stopop ♪ ♪ they don'treally c car about ♪ ♪ a i want to say y ishahathey don't t relyly care about us ♪ ♪ allll want say is s th they don't r realylycare about us alii wantoo say i ishat they don't reallyly care a autut -- >> all i wanto sasay is that they don't reallyare about us♪ >> hold for aappuse. ldld f applause. slow umbrella.
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fade out. > whh us now is gerarald pausner, cef investigative reporterer for the daily beast. thanks for yourr time today. >bsolutely, avid. goododo o be with you.u. >> gerald,oes the rehearsal videde refute y you story? >> not at all. tter of fa, this is exactly what i kepept hearingngrorom e x opop i talked tonn the jajackn n papayrl.l. 's's cable of d dogg exactly what we saw r rig now,ull it togethther he could get o on ststag thatat w whe he came alive. michaeaeknknewhat as wl.l. what he wanted was h he fe hehe was physicallyy f enough to do te shows over a period of me. at he didn't w wanwawawhat aeg signed, which was .. that's thedifference.e. what we see this video is whwhat he capableofof doing it. heheiidn want to d dng itit for 50 anan a anoer six months n vegas. what are the dynamicssetetwe aeg andacacks as reted to
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this story and t thi vivide >>aeg, l of a sudden,isis like thee pepentonon you can'n't t t in there unless you have a papas. veve bn callllg,g,asasng for information,n, copies of the contract. ey won't even tell you if th have this jackson insured,ent out and g jacksonon insured i case hee died.d. what we're ing rigightowow i showing thisclip, we'e're ving th a little a aertisement for so of the way that ththeyerere going to rececp p thloss. they'll l maetethis as a video, puit out and bevailable at itunes. whwherdo you think the m memiaia is beinggeleld on esday, at t t apaplecenter,owned by aeg. they o ownllllhe ghghtso what happened there. where was he performing in london? ownedbyby aeg. they will g get to what theyeya ouout is. >> whatt would a -y-yeaold victim of cardiac a arrt not be in ititle shape for blblic viinin >> there's's n reaan.n. wellll sawmichaelacacks dungngis sual trial in 2005, 11", wentoo toto 1 p pnds.
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poport now are he is a fewew pounds above atat. saw m in f ful mmakp, okokg at t tiss vybizarre. heouou have looooke absolutely fine. thth decided theyidn't w wanan open coffin. they decide they dididtt w wt that on thehe "n"naonon quirer". >> whoho a y y referring ? > his ther. she thought herer soul could be lost if not burieded i aweek. she's a hohoh's wiesess, ised the children that ayay. e'e's ry reregious. shdodoes actually y lilieve tha t to sououonspiracy ththeost erere. the rehearsal l vio o 're looking ,, this particularr video is f fm tuesdayay the33rd 48 hours beforor h he died. uldn't you want to lelee the stst video of him rehearsing wednesday, the2424th? doesn't tttave more commercial idideo >> if yo wanted to ow, in fact, your son isis hheahyhy bu ifif y're aegnd yourrbottom is
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profit and dollars, you release the video t d da before. cause the last das video wiwille worth a lot of moeyey nonobo wanan t to e that until they release that in an entirer package avavaiblble for sae. the o one the day before, i understandnd, j jt as go, but they're waiting onthahat. that w wl l bejackson's fininal video. >>hat about, gerald,d, the aeg claim that jackson somehow wawant t to t outof a ctata number ofconcert daysss ridiculous and this video proves he has t thehyhycal statananaof being g ab t to ll off concerts whenever hewawant >> noo ubt that hhhas the physical stamina t to pull off concerts. afteterisis 2005 suaual trtrl,l when h he ss as close to clinicl dedeprsion as michaeael ss ever been,, at his lowowt,t, wn he went outut tsese eepak's chffffeuand he s sd no to him dd he wnt to thennit arab emirates, even then he was le to do performances s foupup
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to $2, $2.5 5 mililion when he wawaatat h very lowest, heururd it onhhen he wentnn stste. he hadad ttt greattalent. the question wasas always how mh did he wantt do? he didn't wanan work f for the next year andnd h hallike a celilinedeon or tnini himimse ininto cirque du soleil acact i vegas. gerald, thanks foror joininin usus. >> thank you, ddav. the motothe of twof chchael ckcksos children who gavave up r custody rights nono once,bubu twice, may h hee chanange h h md again. debbie rowe, michael jacksoson ex-wife and moththerf the t dest children, princece michael i and paris kaerere, she has cided to fit forcucusty of ththe oo kids butut oa a nferene cacallerer lawyeraays she hasn' made up h mind. she sasaidheheould godna dd pspsyclologil testing to gin n custody of t the kids and file
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restraraing g orr againin j joe jackson to eveneeee her chilildr. divorcing g e e po icoon, e rereceed a multitimiioion dolla payday sixmonths later when their divorce wasfinalized. in 2006 she sued jackson after a urur said she never legallll gave u up rr rightstshehe first time. ththe sult? ant-of-court settlement t an another huge payayy.y. during that cucustyy hering, thisxchange betetenen jge stephen la and row seemed to illuststtete t undersrstaininof her agement. you u dedersnd you willotot have rights to take cacare of the chilildr?? rowe, no, and i don't wanttto. they're not my kikis. th'r're s kids. d with all of this ing on, an l.a. . juee delayeded the guardianship heaeangng until jul 13th at the r rueuest of both e d katheriri ckson'slawyers. joining g us fr sttle, washingtgton anne bremnene lal analyst whooovediichl ckcksos molestataonon trial. thanks for joiningng us
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>> my pleaeasu.. thank yoyo. . >> it can't be ashshk to annyo thatatebbie rowowe backn the picture. helalawy says she'e' noture ifif s wants cuody. whthth ppulacack from alegal pepepecte? >> tryinintoto look little more rereasable. this iss l a rude -- excususe me, rurubicc cube. i i di't want thm,m, now i want them. is this biology forrbillions? justecause she's the mother doesn't mean she h has a right these k kind eer into thth equatiti.. should she get t the kikis? the poll, 70%% of the pepeop sa nono. >> tough tatat doesn't meaea anything. the most dominantt bng the bestst iereres of the childld a coininuetilize in theirir lives. she's a littlele b diffffenent.
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did she seseethem? did they calllerer mo d d she remember their bibihdhday it's aright, parentalal right.t. but there'ssresponsibililiti, too. and shshhahasn acted as a parent so far. i saw her t tststif in the trtr. s what she saiaid. mamany times, which wasshhe were a gift to michael. they're not mychildren.n. >> doeses the will, giving katherere e jason custodody,oes th count hhe?e? >> itcounts. what we're dealingng with inn will is a guaardnsnshi but not actual ststod because custoto has so m manototr factors to be lookokedt.t. it's's a factor t tbebe looooke. this is something, whehe you lok at the chaosf michael's life in a lot o of ways,hehe's c cha in his death. it's sadad of h children,n, y y know, "thh d don care about uus" meaning these childrenen. they neeee t t get togetetrr an mama a decision thatt works for the childrdren >> debbie rowe said d thhehe would undergodnsychological testing. would that ke intotocccot her haviving g giv custody twice?
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absolutely. ththeyl l ke a look into why s e dididhahat and h how i wouldmpat the kids. wh she testified in the trial, e e sa michael was s surunded byppppornistic vultures. e question, is hee susuouound by pepeop tt t ar opportunistic as wll in death? e e fa of the matterr of etetr she cared a abo the kidsds, imimptatantpositive ininflncnc did she sesellthem? did she give temem up? those are allhingstotoe loeded awith custody. >>hat can we expect withth the upmimiuardianship hearininf oes, in fact,, hapen? >> tememporyry measures.. where will t t k kid --- w wil y stay with kherine? wewenonowoe isin las vegaga this issssuebobo whether o not he woululd with thehe children soththg they'll look a at as ll. it's s somhihing that't'tempora. f ft, lkiking at t the continuation o o these kids of the bestst p ple for themm to b. don't forget,t,ee have gre,e, te nanny, as a a potential intetes in terms o custody of f thee k, because she w was tly a constant
10:14 pm
in their liveses in addition eieir dad. > wt about ththe role of the chililenen a this hearing? llll ty essentitilyly have to provide someorort ofststatent or an attorney try t to t ews frfr them as part of it? >> they neeeed to haveththei own attorneyeys. they need to haveve g guaiaia s at theiriews can be p p fofortinincourt, w wthther they it b by live testitinyny or vi fifidat of someone t tatat represenentsem. they nee t to evavalueded wh a a horrible timeme for them goining rorougthe death their dad at 50 in t the public limemeghght d then to have this potential l fioing onon, not st in the short term, but potentially ininhehe lg tter >> anne brememr,r, thanks so mu. weppppreate it. >yypleasure. thank you. > me on the michaeljajackn rehearsal tape.. ahead on ththecountntwnwn, perspepecte,e, wt impact t ululd the coerer have hadn jackson's legacy? firsrst,nternal mccain camamigi e-mails and the legacy of sarah pan's political career, e-mamail exchange that shows papalin's lk of factsts about h own husband.
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anonymous quotes f some time, but now there's actual e-mail proof. not painting a pretty picture about palin's truthfulness. dick cheney gets helprom prident obama about keeping an interview th the cia under wraps. >>and stephen colbertjoins keith's cause t the politician's crazyzy ew that hungry kids are motivated kid much more ahahd on "untdown." it startrted bbling. new bounty is thickck and absorbent. it cleans the mess with less. then y know what, daddy? itxploded! pssshhh! it hihit thceceing! in lab tests, , bounty absorbs twice as muc.. as the bargain brand. and 's's mordurable as really cool. why ususe more wn you can use less new bounty. ththk quicker pier-uer.
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it seems the battle tha sarah palin picked las month with dav letterman was jt the beginning. not the beginni really, what was the most rectresult of lots and lots of practice. before the alaskan governor was feigning outrage, she was fighting with john mccain's senior staffnd there is her wa on the truth. cbs ws has herands on a h of e-mails writn three weeks before the election, and show how frustrated senator mccain's staff had become with therepublican's chceor running mate and she with them. governor palin became upset about report that raised questions about her husband's membership in an independence party. todd palin had been a member o that pty for seven years, which wldrslate to not a member at all, given sarah palin'selationship to the truth. quotg from e-ml er one, from governor palin to campaign
10:20 pm
manager rick davis and palin senior adviser, pleaseget in front of that ridiculs issue that's cropped up a day today, two reporter a protester's sign and many shtouts, all claiming todd's involvement an anti-american political party. it's bull and i don'twant to have toeep reacting this. please have statement give on this so it's put to bed. sponse, ignore te was a member of the ai my understanding is yes. that is partf their platform. do not engage th protesrs. if a reporte asks, say it's ridiculous. todd loves america. that advice apparently was not good enough tore governor lin. carb copfive more people on her respon. that's not part o their platform. he was only a member because indendent alasksoo often check that alaska independent boon voter registrations thinking it ju mes
10:21 pm
non-partan. he caught his ror when changing our addssnd checked the right box. itill want it fied. a goveor who takes ainor event, overreacts and rns it into sometng more menacing. sound familiar? schmidt's next reply would be thfinal word on the subject. secession, it isheir entire reason for existence. aursory examinion of the weite shows that the party exists for that only reason, that is stated goal on the frt page of e website. ourecoindicate that todd was amember for seven ars. if this is incorrect, then w need to understand the discrepancy. the statement you are ggesting toe released would be accurate. inaccuracy would bring greater media attention. there have bn no inquiries into this and you reive no estions about it. if you are asked aboutit, you should smile, and say many alaskans join the party because it speakso a tradition of potil independence. todd loves his untry.
10:22 pm
we will not put out a situation and inflame thisnd create a situation where john has to address this also the th author of renegade, the maki of the prident, richard wolf good ening. >> good ening, david. >> the relee of these e-mails, can governor palin ever cla not to know the truth about aip and todd palin again? >> first of all, these are extraordinarye-mails the substae for a minute, you have a glimpseof a mind-t of a candidate for the vice presidency of the united states just a few weeksaway from eltion day, just few hours ay from a big bate and, o course, this devastangly bad lationship with the guy running the campaign. and, of cose it does come back to this little pesky thing call the truth and the nature of that political bckground and what's fascinati he is that either sarah palin is trying to dupe her staff or she's trying
10:23 pm
to dupe the voters or being delusional aut the nate of the alaskan independence party. steve schmidt is right to think this is a political nightmare. thatill be the case moving forward. if palin runs agn as we all, frany, expect her to do, s will still face these questions. e better get her story trait straight. >> do these e-mails draw into estion governor palin's slperyationship with the truth an her tendency to bend facts at will? >> well, let's just be clr that her supporte don't sm to care th way. this is a candidate who had a semi dissatisfactory relationship to e truth whether was about her foreign travels or science or, in this case, her sband's political backound. and it doesn seem to bother em. they lik her performance so much that they'reilling to forgive all of the things. a candidate at the top of the ticket, which ishat we're really looking at in a few years fr now, someone who aspires
10:24 pm
tohat position anyway,he will face these questions in a ch more pointed way. , the dodge that steve schmidt sets up here, your husband loves america, really isn't actuay compatiblewith the alaskan independence policy, because secession is not ur best way to sw your love o country. >>here are, of course, a lot ofstranlgis who are not going anywhere. surely, there must be more e-mails like these, and more people s has attacked who might be willing to leak those details. right. and, remember, the pois we're seeing here will take a lg time to work its way through the body of the gop her this is not just about sarah palin and steve schmidt. it is a broader fight that takes inr want of a better word, the cheney clan personified by crystal and the bsh side of things, nicolle wallace steve schmidt. there's a bigger fight gng on
10:25 pm
here about sarah palin that re doesn't have ch to do with r, but will continue, suspect, beyond her candidacy non-candidy in a f years' me. >> the chain of even behind these e-mails and the content with his recent events, what are to overreact, takeinor dency problems and turn them into major es? >> this goes bk to e quality at publicans needo think about of their next presidential candidate. you ed someone, as i explaid iny book, focused on t tegy of the bigger picture. schmidt was trying to get his candidate to do. if you get easily distrted, reporters will say can you halehe distractions of e job? believe me, in th white house, there are lots of distraction. >> richard olff msnbc, and auorf "renegade," terrific book. great to see you. thanks for coming on toght. >> thank you david. >> you're welcome. opulture and force
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if you can't get enough of twitter, like yours truly, today is lilo's 23rd birthday.
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i don't know if he tweets, b great larry david of seinfeld and curb your enthussm fame was born july 2nd. miss paulie holid, who played flo in "alice." i would tell youhow old miss holiday isbut i wouldn't have want to have to kiss her grits. let's play odd bal their vsion of the "today show is getting a look at a smart car, the car, stashed in a trailer to begin the segment got a litt t smartor itsts own good. [ speaking freign language ] oh, the wonders of live
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television, like a fuelelfffficnt knight ririder, backed out of thth t traer and rolled all theay into the shrubbery. euy that went belly f floing afafter e e art car hass a smararngng ck. >> inn australia, o offiaialsav discovered one of their alas ha given rtrthto twiwi,, they claiitit only the fifth time twins were born t a mher in cap activity. when another koala heaead poked t of the uch. ththers only omom f one baby in there this little fthth wod have to o be hand reared. heilill need a w lesessonsnn the whole drinking mlk ththin to, disney worldld famousalal of prididen action, oncerecorded, th president'ssauauo was flolown bk to the magic kingdom, where itt will be syeded upiith an
10:32 pm
animatromic obama.a. bobot oboba's spiel on hoe. pre of the five-day papa,, here is th r rea p predent obama reinin hiss entire hall of president script. the american dream isis asas d as our founding, as timeless as our hopes, isreborn every d in the heart of every child who wakes up in a la of limitless possibilities, in a country where we, the people -- >> yeah, you'r going to havav to pay to hear the rest. finally, to reaction from t canadian football league. the latestribute to michael jajackson ring a gameon wednesday, following a tohdown reception. toronto's de receive paid homage to the late kng of pop, laying down and playing dead. according to the aociated press, quote, bruce said he was honoring the mory o jkson by pretending toe burie the teamas flagged forhe
10:33 pm
morbid celebration a today like theepartejackson bruce being fined by the leagu >> these are theehearsals that were supposedo put michael ckson back intohe top of the music industry. what d the entertnment world miss o on? former vice president dick cheney's aswers to the valie plame case may be kept sile. obama adminiration sides with the b bush administrtration's s argument to keep i i under aps. thathead on "countdown." ♪ watchininin slomotion ♪ as yoturn to me and say ♪ take my breath ayay (a(annncer ge locomotives. customs ve them almost as ch as we love making t tm. ♪ my lolove nnou) innovation tor america's rr.
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you will l lose weig. last night rode to the defense of cheney because the obama justi department said the obama administration will probablyhave just as much ouble with the law as the bush ministration did. freedom of infortion request for the fbi's notes from tir discussionith then vice president dick cheney aut the leak, revealing valerie plme's
10:37 pm
identity as a cia cooperativ to discredit a book by joe wilson. why it should not release the chey not? if theheney interview notes are reased, future white house officimay t be forth coming if they are interviewed for ar their notes, too, will get out. quote, there's a reasonable probability of future law enrcement instigations by the doj that will requi and benefit from obtning information. if law enforment terviews of senior level white house officials become sject to routine blic disclosure, t white hous officials may agree to talk only in rspon to a grand jury subpoena. does appear to ofer someg new, nely official confirmation or further confirmation that mr bush and mr. chey, in fact,id discuss
10:38 pm
e plamleak. when it's t clear. presidential privilege covers . cheney's conversatn he had with theesident and apparent counication between them let's bring in instigate reporter of "neweek" magazine, sat neare in the cia leak case,ichael isikoff. >> hi, dav. >> are we talking both t a pattern of keeping things secret, but also of a similarity and ationale for keeping things secret? >> yeah. a lot of people following is are seeing a troubling patte here. president obama began onis first full dayin office with a executiv order for tranarency, declaring open government would be the hallmark of his presidey. specifically, freedo for information request, attorney neral eric hder said the presumption should always b to disclose are rather than
10:39 pm
withhold unless there's some identifiableforeseeae harm to the goverent from scsure. time a again, people who have filed freedom for informion ac, public interest oups, ac a others, see the obama administration retreating to using the same arguments for secrecy that were used in t sh administration. we saw that with theecision to withhold the photosof deinee abe, in which the president orred them keptclosed, the use of the state secret acts to shut down lawsuits alleging abuse, e white house visitor logs, which the white house has when would on freedom of information requestsnd now even on someing as historical in nature, forr ce president cheney's inrview with the fbi years ago, in a osed criminal instigation, the obama justice that these needo be kept nt secret. >> michael, fa the bush/cheney conversations inhe midst of
10:40 pm
the cia leak case, if memory serves me coecy during the trial, evidee came out that there was some sortof discuson referred to btween the presidentnd dick chey about declassifying part of a thatould be lked out afar as undercuttingoe wilson. is that thecrial bush/chey conversati that was reinforced by this cument fing? >> that's the one tha we know about. that did com out in trial. in late june of2003, just as the whole controversy was erupting ab tse famous6 words wher president bush had claimed in atate of the union at iraq was seeking yell ke uranium fom africa and was undercut by joe wilson. vi president cheney and president bush had a discussn about how to reb that critism and one of the things that they decided in that discussion was selectively declassify andhen leakspects
10:41 pm
of the national intelligence estimate o aqi wmds, that they thoughtould support their . of course, that led to scooter libby talking about that nie with jdy miller of theew york times. thas a tel conversation in which later testimony showed he did disclose avery critical fact, that joe wilson's w lee plame wilson worked at the cia. >> theey question at least in my view from my memories o ooter libby's grand ttimony that got played at the trial s that heemembered having specific conversations with dick cheneybout courses of action that scooter libby suld take, but scooter libby said heould not member exactly what was said in tose conversations or anything generall is that the thrust of the matter here? we knowscoote libby too actiontobstruct the investigation, wonvicted for it. we never got dick cheney's view of what dick cheneyaid to scooter lby in the midst of
10:42 pm
all that. >> exactly that's why peoe wanted to see what dick cheney saido the fb in this interview as part ofhe investigation. we know what scooter libby said. and he was ultimately coicted of lying in what he sd before the grd jury and to the fbi out his knowledge of valerie plame wilson and where he lened . we also leaed that it was vice prent cheney who first told him about it. you recall the closing arguments of patrick fitzgerald at t trial. he said there's a cloud over t vice president'sice. this waslways about dick cheney and suspicions of many that scooter libby,ho got convicted in ts case, s precng vice president cheney. >> me, on another note, cia requested its thirdextension of the deline for releasing its internal reporof detainee torture. how should we interpret this? >>nother setback for publi
10:43 pm
disclosure, once again. now, again, it is a delay. so, we'll see in two month whether we get this very important cia inspector general's port, which is a crical docunt, in thehole questifdetainee abus torture and wateoarding. this was the only govement inrnal review ofhe maer, believed to been rsy critical of th cia, how it was nducting these ierrogations, but the public has ver been ableo see it. delaying it, is to sort of further blunt the calls r trutcommission, accountily on these -on this subject. the longer it can be dragged out, the longerhe public doesn't t to s the critical document that the government s about this, the harder it is to make the case the harder is to bui politica pressure for someform of untability. so those, including thosen the white house andresident oba, who haveought to
10:44 pm
deflect charges are prably pleased by thisdey. >> michael isikoff of "newsweek," we'll g those some keep the fah, mike. >> we'll talk about it. >> sounds good. >> sure. still t come, more on the video of michael jasonays before his dthnside the stles center, preparing for hiscomeback tou was "this is it" going be a king maker for the king of pop? missoi representive cynthia davis, frequent stle -- does a 180. for a stronger bath tissue that leaves fewer piecesehind? ♪ fortunaty, there's chmin ultra strong. with its diamondwee texture, charmin ultra rong isoft and more dable. moreurable so when compared to the ultra rippled bnd, it holds ubetter. fewer pieces left behind. and ft for sure. charmin ultra ro. ok for it in the red pacackage for r thos who prefer moioistipes
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cocomi up,p,oncert organizezersf the upcoming michael jackskson tour reaease videosos ttt sayee w readyy for e e peormances. s s he hungera motivating factor? representativeynthia vivi stephen n colbert praiseses he to celebrate -
10:47 pm
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10:49 pm
received a tip othe hat. >> a tip my hat to missouri state representative cthia davis, who opposes ssizing lunches for children during summer break because hunger can be a positive motitor. exactly. without hunger,ow will children ever learn to push a lever withheir snouts to get a food pellet? and an owner of the back-tbacs christian book store, representative davis knows the kids don't need a handout. theyeed a pep talk. it's like jesusaid in matthew, i was a stranr and you welcomed me. i was naked and you clothe me, i was sick and you visited me. i was hungry and you said get a job. so, representative davis is truly looking o for missouri's children. but who is oking out for reprentative davis? cod it be thathe's nev
10:50 pm
risen above the state legislator anti-motivating habit of eatin must help her, folks. people of missri, if you see represtive davis at a staurant or at a hot dog stand or even througthe wiow of her own dining roo do the right thing, a take her food away. >> and at the top of t countdown, the dratic video of michael jacktwo days before his death, singi, dancg, rehearsing for the concert tt was suppos to put him back on the top of the mus iustry. would it have had he lived to make it to opening n night? the getting close papart. so there's embrace, the late razor from venus. 5 bl srounded bybyibboof moisture... shaves closer than e ever... and leaves your legs smoother than ever. venus embr
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>> t the signature voice, th trademark k ste,e, the video tt
10:54 pm
shows a consummateteererfoer in his elememen ouoununumb one story, another look at one ofof mhahaelackson's final perfrforncnc. concert promoter aeg t tayay rereleeded veo of jackson hehesing at the staples cecent in los angngeses jt two days fore he died. the e nunue ll instead host jasoson'memorial service on tuesday. jacksoson ss r reararsi for h upcoming "ththiss s " tour. telling nbnbnenewsoping jackson'n's ururould become the grtest in triumph in thehe history of rock k ' ' ro. hehe's michael jackson performing "they don't'tarare about us."." ♪ all i wanannaayay ithat they dot really care about us ♪ ♪ oh!
10:55 pm
♪ >- go down in history a as e greatestst dononration for eedom in the history o of r r natiti.. ♪ ♪ some things in lifefehehey st don't wanna a sebubut martin luther was livin' ♪ hehe wldn't let this be ♪ all i wanna say is that t th don't really care e abt t ♪ all i wanna say is thahat eyey don't really cararababouus ♪ all i wanna say is thahat eyey don't realallyararabout us ♪ all i wanna sasaisis tt they don't rereal c ce about all i wanna say is that t th d d't reallyly ce e abt all i wanna y is that they don't realllly carerebobouts ♪ ♪ [ horn blowing ] ]
10:56 pm
>> holold r r plause. hold for applause.e. slslowmbrella. fadede o.. >> joining us now isis sroron waxman,,ddit and chief of ererapom. od evening. >> good evening to y you >> this reheararsavividewas from lala t tueay. yo website confirmed wititaeaeg there isis ao o video of weesesdanight's rehearsal. the night before j jacononied. llll tt be the real cash cowow is is just a prelude t to e e main event? >> i thinkwe have so myy cash cocows coming out o of this ent, it's hard to know w whh h ll be the e biesest e. mamakeo mistake that this vivio is a very y nocacafully planted mamarking ploy to kind of whwh the public's appetetitfofowhat aeg g hainin t can. as we reepoeded l lststsunday,hy do haha mumuicicama, high-def video and mulltrtrac auaudi
10:57 pm
ththatast show, which could d an album. nonow,ododaye're hearing, well, maybe they'll put out a a moe.e. well, clearlrly, d dvdnd a blu-ray and album, wilill opop shshowp p inovie theaters to watch michael jajackn n some compmpdidiumf michael jackson footage, culminatingn n th final concncer day and a a half fore he passed away suddenenly i think k a t t people would do th. atathis point, they are prprobly thinkingngboboutow -- how can they count the ways s th c can make money off of ththis- - bacally the tragedy of his ath. mememb, that aeg, everybody habeen wriritithat aeg has enen ting a bath on this. they had 50 dates withth michae jackckso they would losose 5050 mlion. they're going toto me e lot of momoneouout this. >acacks was the ultimate rformer. does this performance e sh jajackn n rehing into that ability, despitete wt t oubles he was havavg?g? or do you detect in n isis veo suggesting mayaybee e s having oblems? e eve person can judge. i don't knowow wt t u think. i thininhehe lks like a
10:58 pm
professional pererfoererreally y is,ndnd ththat always whh michael jackson lovevebebestas being on s sta.. in some sense, that wawas ererhe rereal f felcomfortable. whwherhe had been since a very unung ild, always seemed to o shine. didn't't sm m do so well in the rerealorld. >> billboard is reportrtin jackcksowawaworking on two new albums. one in the popop grerehat made him a superstar and the otothe instrumental album ofof classical music. isis ts evidence that jackson was primining r r a meback or at least some type of reinvnvenonon >> yeah. i've not cononfiededhat report. no reason to doubt i it,ututhat it doeoes nfnfiris that he needed to mamakeomommoney and was in the business, s staininto t t ba into the business and what he knowows w w too is make music and d peoror so if that's t t c cas i think th's evidence that probabay y he wawant t ttry to break -- you no ow, make himself relevevt t again. hehe'deeeen f the stage. he n n been relevant for a number of years. in fact, quite the oppppitite.
10:59 pm
he's had very nenetitiveublic perceptiononndnd b headlines for ma y yrs. >> d didhihiparticular video gigi us any hints what thehe wld missed out on? > ihihi it does. it was goingng tbebe spectacular show by all accounts. rereal pull out all the stopop 3d glass. miael dangled by a cranenen n front ofof t a aience. chchilen, dancers, aerial rformers, this huge seseththat lled -- i believe it c canilill a cocolele otrucks and airplanes. i i dot know what they'll do wi the set. ybe they'll have a tributete concert. that's whathehe rumorsare that ep going arood.d. it was m mea to be, from allll counts that i've heard, a rereal spectacular show. >> sharon wawaxm o othe thanks for your time.. appreciate it. > tnk you. >> you're wewelce.e. thatatilill it for this thursday edition of "c"coudodown upupexext,hris jansing with an msnbc special on the d dea o of miael jackson.


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